About us

We foster social innovation and its scalability to resolve pressing social needs.  

What change do we need?

With increasing social needs and decreasing resources to respond to them, we must find more efficient, effective, sustainable and just solutions to respond social challenges. Therefore, we need innovative solutions that can be scaled to reach vulnerable groups and the most excluded people.

What do we propose?

Just as a plaster is of little use for stopping a haemorrhage, the responses to the challenges of unemployment, school failure and social exclusion must be scalable to be able to successfully provide a solution.

At UpSocial, we seek to facilitate and accelerate the implementation of innovative proposals that significantly improve the lives of people and that provide sufficient scope for the dimension of the problems.  

Our work is organised around five lines of action:


We facilitate the implementation of proven innovations to meet the demand for solutions to social challenges. 


We promote the adaptation, replication and scaling of proven innovations, with a direct involvement in the project. 


Inspired by successful innovations from around the world, we generate ambitious, realistic and scalable projects to provide solutions to social challenges.


We influence public policy to promote a legal, economic and educational framework that facilitates social entrepreneurship and promotes social innovation.


We share learnings and organise activities to inspire key players in social innovation.