One of the pillars of our strategy is to influence public policies in order to facilitate social entrepreneurship and innovation. It is essential that governments promote an ecosystem that encourages research and development in the social sphere, facilitates the recognition an understanding of social entrepreneurship and innovation in the marketplace, and trains people about entrepreneurship and innovation. We focus our advocacy action mainly in Europe and Spain, always in partnership with other organisations.

In Europe, promote social innovation and entrepreneurship is one of the pillars of the Europe 2020 strategy, and initiatives such as Horizon 2020 are financing experimentation around new solutions to social problems. In the US, the Obama administration has created the Office of Social Innovation. The G8 member countries have created the Social Impact Investment Taskforce to promote entrepreneurship with social impact and impact investing. And most European countries are developing a conductive ecosystem to social innovation and entrepreneurship.

Therefore, we have joined other organizations to propose to carry out concrete measures in the next legislature in Spain:

1. Tax incentives for social entrepreneurship and social investment impact

2. Creation of a social R + D + i

3. Launch of social impact bonds

4. Inclusion of social clauses in public procurement

5. Creation of a National Advisory Council on Investment of Social Impact

See the document of the proposal (in Spanish) with full justification, the detail of the proposals and international references for each one.