Introducció Integrants EN

Multidisciplinary and international team

A group of social entrepreneurs with a long trajectory created UpSocial in 2010. The team, together with a network of well-selected specialists, allows UpSocial to create efficient teams around each project and initiative.

Jorge Rovira

Partner and Chief Operating Officer

Mamen Salcedo

Partner and Director of Research and Education Projects

Miquel de Paladella

Partner and Chief Executive Officer

Viviana Urani

Partner and Director of Programmes and Communication

Andreu García

JUMP Math Account Executive

Carlos Sánchez

Executive Director, JUMP Math Chile

David Quesada

Teachers Training and Support, JUMP Math

Gemma Escala

Office and communication support, JUMP Math

Leticia Delgado

Office Support, JUMP Math

Magali Coello

JUMP Math Account Executive

Marisa Ponce

Office Support, JUMP Math

Michele Benericetti

Sales Director, JUMP Math

Pedro Ventura

JUMP Math Account Executive