ArtE participants in Barcelona receive the Buero award of youth theatre

This award by the Coca-Cola Foundation in Spain aims to acknowledge collective work and the passion transmitted in the première.

In May 2021, the Spanish Coca-Cola Foundation granted the participants of the first-ever ArtE pilot project in Spain a special mention within the non-school theatre group category of the Buero awards. The prize recognizes the group’s collective work, as well as the passion transmitted in their performance of “Historia de una escalera (Story of a stairway), written by the Spanish playwright Antonio Buero Vallejo.

The students of Fundació Comtal’s “Construeix-te” project received the trophy from Alicia Zamora and Pere Cabaret’s hands - members of Espai Teatre, the artistic team that accompanied the group alongside the creative process earlier this year.

Pilot project achieves positive results

By integrating the creation and performance of a classical theatrical piece within a socio-labour support itinerary, ArtE accompanies participants in developing their soft skills, motivation and self-esteem -building blocks for an improved employability.

After the pilot experience in Barcelona, coordinated by UpSocial and supported by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission, the youngsters reported a number of improvements that indicate the success of the intervention. Once the programme was completed, all of the participants felt more able to work in team environments, communicate with others and speak Spanish fluently. 93% stated having gained confidence