Childcare professionals are trained on The Change Factory’s model in Barcelona


In April 2018, the Childhood Advocacy Department at the Municipality of Barcelona, supported by UpSocial, organised an intensive training for over thirty professionals from the local public administration and organisations that integrate the Network for Children’s Rights.

Based on a strong experiential approach, the training was facilitated by Marit Sanner, founder of Forandringsfabrikken (The Change Factory), a Norwegian organisation that engages children and young people in the design of the programmes and organisations directly affecting their lives.

The content of the sessions was led by Frederick, Hibaq, Gloria and Anika, a team made up of young people (so-called Pros) that became expert evaluators and lobbyists for change after experiencing state care. The training concluded with a session in which children from Lluís Vives school and the Commissioner for Participation and Active Democracy at the Municipality of Barcelona, Fernando Pindado, took part.

Support to one of the local projects

After the training, the team at Institut Infància i Adolescència received support to integrate the keys of the model to their practice. The organisation, aimed at accompanying the local public administration in guaranteeing the rights of children and adolescents, participated in several online sessions in which the Norwegian team helped them adapt the lessons learned to the last phase of a project named “The Children Have Their Say: subjective wellbeing of children in Barcelona”.

An opportunity arisen from the ACSI project

The team at the Child Advocacy Department had the chance to meet Marit Sanner in the workshops organised in April 2017 within the framework of the Accelerating Change for Social Inclusion (ACSI) project. The Change Factory is one of the innovations identified by UpSocial and selected by a panel of local experts to explore its implementation in Barcelona.