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UpSocial works in collaboration with strategic partners to define social challenges and to implement the selected solutions.

If you are looking for innovative solutions to social problems, we can help you quickly identify, select and implement them successfully.

The Catalunya Occupation Service

The SOC (Catalunya Occupation Service) offers services to persons, companies and territories. The aim of the SOC is to promote quality in all jobs, in equal conditions, to contribute to the social cohesion and the competitive development of the catalan company.

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A global, independent non-profit organisation that supports the innovative work of more than 3,000 social entrepreneurs in over 80 countries, creating the largest international network of innovative social entrepreneurs and building a society of citizens who are agents of social change (changemakers). Ashoka Spain supports over 20 social innovators and the local implementation of solutions by entrepreneurs from its international network.

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Creas activity is focused on making easier the access to capital and providing with its experience to business projects that creates benefits for the society. This alliance signifies the junction between two organisations that share the same motivation to contribute solutions to social challenges by implementing innovative models, while creating social and environmental values. Creas is also local partner in projects in the area of ​​Madrid and Aragon.

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Esade Institut for Social Innovation

Its aim is to hone the skills of individuals and organisations in the non-profit sector in order to strengthen their contribution to building a fair and sustainable world through their specific activities. With this objective, the Institute conducts research, generates and disseminates knowledge, and offers training in diferents areas.

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Fundación Xul

Xul seeks answers to social challenges using the tools of innovation and communication. Its leitmotiv is to promote social transformation in Andalusia (Spain), connecting it with the most inspiring initiatives at national and global levels. Located in the city of Cordoba, with a solid trajectory linked to the social field in the region, it is involved in various initiatives boosting social entrepreneurship and promoting social innovation.

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Social innovation consultants that help organisations to be more social, more innovative and more profitable. The Sinnple team seeks to use innovation as a tool to achieve social impact, to create business opportunities and turn them into shifters for society.

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Stone Soup Consulting

Consultancy to give support to the institutional strengthening of organisations and initiatives in the social business. Its network of experts acts as an ally to strengthen their operational management and to identify ways of further development through shared processes of formulating and implementing strategies. It has a team based in Portugal, which provides a broad understanding of local needs and stakeholders.

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