Acta Vista

Employment integration programme that is delivered through certified vocational training courses on restoration sites of historical monuments. In addition to developing skills related to heritage professions, participants are accompanied individually to solve other potential hindrances to securing employment.

Impact indicators


  • 450 people are trained every year. 

  • 65% of participants find a job or continue their training after participating in the programme, a success rate four times the national average for professional rehabilitation programmes.



  • For each person recruited and trained, the project generates a net gain for the community of € 6,900 to € 10,500.


Groupe Acta Vista - Arnaud Castagnède
The innovator is an Ashoka Fellow (2010). Prix de la création d'entreprise (2009). Social Entrepreneur of the year by Schwab Foundation (2006).

In 2018, the initiative was presented in Rotterdam within the framework of the Accelerating Change for Social Inclusion (ACSI) project to study its local implementation.