Baby's Space

A model of neighbourhood-based holistic early childhood centres that provide children and families with better opportunities for educational success by prioritising the baby’s point of view, parent and community engagement. Facilities are one-stop centers in which child and family services are interrelated and of equal importance, responding to their cultures, values and needs.

United States
Impact indicators


  • 100% of parents are engaged—a far higher rate of parent engagement than many programmes serving communities in crisis. 
  • Nine parents of Baby’s Space child participants are employed at the project. 



  • 100% of 3 to 5 year old participants have been assessed as developmentally on track for success in kindergarten and beyond. This is double the average for Minneapolis where only 50% of children are ready for kindergarten when they start school.


Terrie Rose.
Outstanding Service Award by the Minnesota Association of Children’s Mental Health (2011). Chrysanne Manoles Women in Leadership Award (2011). Ashoka Fellowship (2008).