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Fundación Tomillo
Fundación Tomillo received the Fundació Princesa de Girona Award (2016). The project received the Desafío Talento Solidario Award from Fundación Botín (2014).

A training programme aimed at young people who find themselves in difficult situations in securing a future occupation in fields concerning energy efficiency and the environment. Its methodology is based upon systematic intervention that is integral and participative while focusing on the region. While these students learn, they become advocates of social change and neighbourhood improvements, promoting sustainability and environmental care.

Impact indicators
  • In 2016, 120 entities had become involved, consisting of 47 social organisations, 57 businesses and 16 public administrations.  

  • Energy efficiency project: working with 115 families in the neighbourhoods: San Fermín, Orcasur, Orcasitas, Almendrales and Pradolongo across the Usera district.

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