British Science Association

A national programme to connect science with civil society, making science more accessible and seen as a fundamental part of our culture and society. To this end, it organises four interrelated events annually:

  • British Science Festival, one of the largest STEM events in Europe. Held each year in a different city for a week, there are over 250 activities, exhibitions and tours; aimed at families, school groups, adults, and professionals interested in the latest research.
  • National Science and Engineering Week (NSEW), with more than 4,500 events over 10 days that pay tribute to science, engineering and technology,  and their importance in society.
  • Crest Awards, awarded to projects undertaken by young people aged 11 to 19 years, helped by teachers, scientists and engineers as partners or mentors.
  • Science in Society, a programme to support communication in science and the research community. It organises, on an annual basis, the Science Communication Conference.
United Kingdom
Impact indicators
  • 33 British Science Association branches in England and 7 in Scotland.
  • 300 researchers involved.
  • 15,000 visitors to the x-change blog.
  • 1,500 scientists have collaborated in events.
  • 250,000 young people have participated in the Crest Awards since 2007.
  • 43,000 visitors to the British Science Festival.
  • 12,000 students particpated in British Science Festival events.


Imran Khan and Rupa Kundu