Círculos de Aprendizaje

Círculos de Aprendizaje (Learning Circles, in English) is an educational project that provides learning environments specifically designed for children in vulnerable social situations such as extreme poverty or forced displacement, through adopting a learner-centred pedagogical model in coordination with the formal school system.

Impact indicators


  • As of 2012, the programme had served more than 37,000 children in 30 of Colombia’s 32 states. 



Studies of children participating in Learning Circles have demonstrated that: 

  • Within two years of attending the programme, 54% of students re-enrol in formal education. 
  • Students achieve higher test scores compared to conventional schools (17.3% more than the national average in maths and 13.9% more in language skills). 
  • Participants increase their self-esteem (by 18% in six months).


Vicky Colbert, Fundación Escuela Nueva.
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