CLT Network

This organization aims to acquire and manage land, so that the local community can enjoy social, economic and environmental benefits. It works as a tripartite system: on the one hand there are the CLT housing owners, on the other hand, the entities from the third sector and public administration, and finally the local community.

United Kingdom
Impact indicators
  • Housing. It supports permanent accessible housing. It manages organized resident groups, helping to assure more financial resources.
  • Community space. It acquires and develops empty spaces such as parks, gardens and recreational public centres for social and health services or working entertainment.
  • Employment. It generates employment by making spaces accessible to small companies and non-profit organisations, as well as little businesses and projects that work with local residents.
  • Rights for a city for everyone. It allows people to choose how they want to use the resources and how to develop their neighbourhoods through a democratic process where community members and the local government take decisions based on common interest.
  • Justice and environmental quality. It cleans toxic spaces and restores properties.


Community Land Trust