A competition that challenges young people to develop a robot using low-cost or readily-available everyday materials. It includes interactive workshops with volunteer instructors.

Impact indicators
  • The first Cord competition (2007) was aimed at engineering students, with 15 teams registered. The following year, the number rose to 300 teams from different backgrounds and interests. In 2011, there were 1,000 registered teams, and the competition took place in 24 different centres across the country.
  • The methodology has improved to such an extent that the percentage of particpants achieving the goal of moving the robot has gone from 6% in the first competition to 90% who now achieve it.


Mohammed A. ElRaffie
Winner of Social Innovation Starts With You SISWY (2010). Member of the Ashoka network of social entrepreneurs (2013). Misr Mobaderoon Award for social enterprises (2013).