El Llindar

Begonya Gasch Yagüe, Fundació El Llindar.
Distinction of the Genearlitat de Catalunya Justice Ministry (2011). Premi Ensenyament Fundació Cercle d’Economia (2014). Josep Maria Pinyol Award towards the fight for labour integration (2014). Ciutat de Cornellà d’Acció Cívica Award (2013).

A Second Chance School promoting educational and professional measures, both alternative and innovative, for young people who do not meet offers of regulated education and who find themselves excluded from the education and social system. This type of education is carried out through a longer, more flexible and adaptable itinerary, which respects the time that each student needs rather than their age.

Impact indicators
  • The Foundation served more than 2,600 adolescents from the Baix Llobregat and southern Barcelona regions over the past 10 years (2016). 

  • The Autonomous University of Barcelona is carrying out an investigation concerning this entity.

Última actualización 2020