An organisation that engages millions of “boomers” (people in their 50s, 60s and 70s) in new careers that provide continued income doing professional work that is personally fulfilling whilst helping to address some of society’s biggest challenges.

United States
Impact indicators


  • Over 1,500 people have been placed in fellowships in hundreds of US based NGOs or local governments. 

  • These fellows have delivered 1,500,000 hours of talent to the organisations that host them, equating to work valued at 1,500,000 US$.



  • Over 97% of fellows and hosts give positive overall satisfaction ratings. About 80% of all participants select the top satisfaction category. 

  • Hosts who said they were “unlikely” to hire Encore talent from outside the sector dropped from 28% at the beginning of the fellowship to 6% following the fellowship.


Marc Freedman.