Energy Control

A programme targeting young drug users who attend recreational spaces such as parties to inform and raise awareness about harm reduction and risk minimization, utilising a peer-to-peer methodology to create confidence and trust. The confidential Drug Checking Service is one of the tools that help users make informed decisions.

Impact indicators


  • In 2016, the programme reached almost 40,000 people; about two-thirds were directly contacted at parties while the rest were reached through school workshops, training sessions and seminars and other information services.



  • Between 52 and 100% of users choose to discard rather than consume a substance after undergoing a Drug Checking Service provided by the project.


Josep Rovira, Associació Benestar i Desenvolupament.
Reina Sofia Award, category ‘Prevention in the Educational Community’ (2014). European Drug Prevention Prize, Council of Europe (2010). Awards for innovation projects by the City Council of Barcelona (2004). Prize to the most innovative programme by the National Youth Council of Catalonia (2003).