Farmland LP

Works with investors and owners to manage their farmland and farms, and converts them to organic farming, increasing the value of the land and what it produces, and consolidating surface areas to improve the economy of scale. In this way, it creates value for farmers who work the land without having to go into debt, and for investors, who benefit from a professional and sustainable management.

United States
Impact indicators

Great importance of social return on investment (SROI). 

Through organic farming it generates: 

  • Healthy foods for a sustainable planet. 
  • Increased value of land, its production and animals.
  • Business opportunities for ranchers and farmers, as well as an increase in jobs to work the land.
  • Competitive returns for impact investors.


Craig Wichner
Certified B corporation, selected in 2013 among the top 50 investment fund managers in the world as an example in generating social and environmental impact and financial return for investors.