Fazendo Minha História

A personalised approach to looking after children in care where reading and work on their life story, through reflection and discussions with voluntary collaborators, ends up becoming an album of their life.

Impact indicators
  • 88 reception services, 454 professionals, 1,436 children and adolescents attended, 534 volunteers, 15 foster families and 68 university interns.
  • 94% of children in all the centres with which it collaborates have a complete record of their life story, including photos, stories, testimonies from important people and other forms of expression.
  • In addition, all the centres have a library and facilitate regular conversations between minors and adults about guardianship, family and legal processes.


Claudia Vidigal, founder of the Instituto Fazendo História.
Ashoka Fellow (2010). Pontinhos de Cultura – Ministério da Cultura (2009, 2010). Finalist of the Social Entrepreneur Award of the Folha São Paulo and Schwab Foundation (2011).