Fundació Aura

A foundation that runs a ‘supported employment’ programme that helps people with special needs access the labour market through training, job placement and personalised assistance.


Impact indicators


  • In 2017, 128 participants with intellectual disabilities are working as employees in well-established companies. 



  • In 2015, out of 163 people who were assisted by the programme, 23% obtained a new job contract, 25% entered job placement and 14% renewed their existing contract. 
  • Of those currently employed by a partner company, 16% have been working for more than 20 years and 45% for at least 10 years. 
  • 78% of those who have secured employment have a stable contract and 22% have a temporary contract.


Montserrat Domènech and Glòria Canals.
Commemorating plaque by the Catalonia Government for the 25th anniversary of the Foundation (2014). Award in the Area of Disability, Fundació Agrupació Mútua (2009). Award of EcA Caja Madrid: The most long-standing institution applying Supported Employment (2008).