Fusion Jeunesse

A charitable organisation that provides elementary and high school students with experiential learning by implementing pedagogical projects that upgrade the education curriculum in order to engage and retain participants. University students or recent graduates are hired as coordinators to implement projects in various fields, including robotics, video game creation, entrepreneurship and fashion design.

Impact indicators


  • In 2016-2017, the programme involved over 15,000 youth at the primary and high school levels, including 2,874 indigenous youth. 
  • The organisation worked in 177 schools, partnered with 12 universities and colleges and employed 227 project coordinators. 



  • In a survey conducted by the organisation in 2016, 96% of school team members agreed that activities supported the development of self-esteem and confidence for the students and 77% that they contributed to increasing students’ involvement in school and community activities. 
  • 83% of students considered that activities helped them learn new things and improved their skills; 81% said that the programme and project coordinators let them do activities they are good at; and 77% strongly agreed that activities made them want to be present in school.


Gabriel Bran Lopez.
SME of the Year Social Economy Award Coalition, Youth Chamber of Commerce in Quebec (2016). Innovation Award, Association pour le développement de la recherche et de l’innovation du Québec (2013). Social entrepreneur of the year, Ernst & Young (2011). Ashoka Fellowship (2011).