Future Farmers Foundation

Model of professional farming training for young people at high risk of exclusion, based on apprenticeships. Prepares participants to take up management level positions in the sector.

South Africa
Impact indicators
  • In four years, they have gone from two participants in the training programme to 90-100 young people each year, and 350 have already passed through the programme. 
  • 70% of participants find employment as managers of agricultural and livestock farms once they have completed the learning process.
  • All participants generate their own livelihood with jobs in the agricultural and livestock farming sector.
  • Participants who have done internships abroad and are well prepared as managers, have seen an increase in their salaries from only 1,500 rand before going abroad up to a maximum of 15,000 rand a year after their return (ie they have increased their income tenfold). In addition, there is a great demand among farmers for these young people to work with them.


Judy Stuart
Selected as an Ashoka social entrepreneur in 2013.