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Fundació SER.GI
It won the first prize in the collective category of the 4th Social Education Projects’ Competition “Memorial Toni Julià” for the "Tarde Jove" project, which was awarded by the General Board of Women Educators’ and Social Educators’ Schools (2017). It also won Girona’s Women Entrepreneurs’ Association prize for the “Viviendas para mujeres supervivientes, para la dignidad femenina” Project (2017).

This programme makes housing access and maintenance easier for people and families who find themselves at risk of housing exclusion. It also generates social insertion processes that reach their peak with the autonomy of the family. Fundació SER.GI assists single parents, women who survived gender violence, retired people with low income, long-term unemployed, people with disabilities and/or with serious illnesses, evicted families and migrants without a residence permit among others.

Impact indicators
  • Out of the 250 housing that SER.GI manages, 7 belong to urban farming contracts in Girona, Figueres and Lloret de Mar.
  • Thanks to SER.GI's work as a mediator, some owners have lowered the rent price in exchange of improvements in the house.
Última actualización 13 August 2020