iThra Youth Initiative

Programme to promote knowledge of and motivation for science and technology vocations to contribute to the transition towards a knowledge-based society. Based on the transmedia concept, which needs to be carried out in several formats: television production, viral videos, interactive workshops, film production, and science and maths camps.

Saudi Arabia
Impact indicators
  • TV and film production: magazine about science and art (2 million weekly audience) plus youth apprenticeship videos showing local talent.
  • Creation of a national reading and creative writing competition that ends with several theatrical events (20,000 beneficiaries).
  • iSpark: interactive science workshops that take place in schools over a week, with 1,000 students each week and a total of 40,000 until 2014.
  • iDiscover: transformational camps dedicated to science and mathematics. There have been 45 camps for boys and girls in nine different cities.
  • In addition to the activity figures, there is a public demand to carry out the activities in different cities.


The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, led by Dr Khalid Al-Yahya.
World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) Award in 2013.