A programme that combines theatre training and other techniques to develop psycho-emotional and vocational skills with the aim of helping different groups of unemployed people (youth, long-term unemployed, single parents, immigrants, refugees) improve their self-esteem, replace passivity with proactivity and gain employment.

Impact indicators


  • Over 13 years of operation, nearly 4.000 people from 110 German cities have participated in different programmes.



  • On average, placement rate among different programmes is 50%.

  • Around 60% of participants between 20 and 24 years found employment after a 12-month period. Three years after attending JobAct, almost 80% are working or have positive prospects.


Sandra Schürmann, Projektfabrik.
This Works Summit by Ashoka (2016). Verdienstorden der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (2010). Ashoka Fellowship (2009).

The initiative was presented in Barcelona (2017) and Stockholm (2018) within the framework of the Accelerating Change for Social Inclusion (ACSI) project to explore its local implementation.

On November 2019, ARTE started, a European project with the aim of transferring knowledge and piloting the model in Italy, Portugal and Spain. UpSocial is the project partner in charge of leading the model adaptation in Barcelona.

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