Kids in Care Project

Academic research on the assumption that individual tutoring with direct instruction conducted by foster parents can improve basic skills in reading and maths. In order to focus the study on the results of the tutoring, the education programme Teach Your Children Well, developed by Maloney (1998) and with proven results, was used.

Impact indicators
  • 77 boys and girls, aged 6 to 13 years, participated in the study. 42 of them were allocated to the programme and 35 to a control group.
  • The results of the study partially support the initial hypothesis. Regarding the improvement of reading skills, the programme had a significant statistical and practical impact on the composition of sentences and a substantial effect on reading comprehension. As regards maths, the tutorials also generated significant gains statistically and practically. As for the opinion of foster parents, 79% would "definitely" recommend the programme.


Centre for Research on Educational and Community Services, University of Ottawa.