La Petite Reine

Benoît Cabanes

Promotion and use of a sustainable transport vehicle for goods within cities, reducing the traffic of large, polluting vehicles. Going by the name of Cargocycle ®, it has a load capacity of 180 kg, is faster than a scooter and has a supporting electric motor. 

Impact indicators
  • The company has 70 employees. The drivers are hired as transportation professionals.
  • 80 Cargocycles ® and 15 light electric commercial vehicles carry out 1,000,000 deliveries a year from 3 distribution centres operating in Paris.
  • They have avoided the use of trucks for 599,393 tkm (1 tonne transported 1 km of distance) and have generated a saving of 89.12 toe (tonne of oil equivalent). They have also reduced emissions and noise pollution to zero. 
Última actualización 2020