MiMi-With Migrants For Migrants 

A programme that recruits, trains and supports intercultural mediators to teach migrant communities how the German health system works as well as educate them in the specific health issues which they are at higher risk, healthy lifestyles, therapies and prevention.

Impact indicators


  • Since 2003, the project has expanded to 70 locations in 9 German states, including rural areas, involving more than 120,000 immigrants.  

  • Mediators have carried out more than 10,000 community group sessions in 38 languages. Through these informative events, more than 120,000 people with migration backgrounds were reached and an additional 500,000 have received information leaflets (Health Guides). 



  • More than 2,500 immigrants from over 40 countries have completed their training as intercultural health mediators, and the majority are women.


Ramazan Salman, the Ethno-Medical Centre (EMZ).
European Health Award (2015). Germany’s Social Entrepreneur, Schwab Foundation (2008). Social Entrepreneur of the Year, Ashoka (2006).