Servei Trànsit

Primary care unit that welcomes, advises and supports trans* people in the processes of self-identification, self-acceptance and social visibility of their felt identity. A public health service that provides comprehensive guidance (medical, psychological and social), and adapts to each transition process in a respectful manner and without prior access requirements

Impact indicators
  • Since 2012, the service has served some 1,100 trans* people and a further 450 people among their friends and family.
  • In 2017, online and telephone support was provided to 145 people from other regions without similar services.
  • The initiative has inspired the future healthcare model for trans people in Catalonia, and has begun its deployment in the region (2016).
  • The promoter team has advised the health departments of Navarre and the Balearic Islands, and the LGBTI services in Denmark.



Rosa Almirall, Institut Català de la Salut.
Awarded the best oral presentation for "Welcome at the desk for people with different gender identities and expressions", Décima Jornada de Administrativos Sanitarios del Institut Català de la Salut (2017).