Sharing Academy

A platform that allows university students of the same degree scheme to find or become a tutor. It aims to encourage collaborative consumption and improve educational attainment through a personalised education while helping generate an extra income for those who wish to share their knowledge.

Impact indicators
  • During the first year 4,200 people registered as users, 1,200 as private tutors and 8,000 subjects were offered from 500 official qualifications. There were 800 setups made between students and private tutors and 2,000 classes took place.  

  • A study conducted in collaboration with Ouishare indicates that 91% of students prefer using Sharing Academy to find private classes.


Jordi Llonch
First Prize in Barcelona Startup Week (2015). First Prize in Ideas Making Point, Caja de Ingenieros (2016). Best App in Mobile Premier Awards, Mobile World Congress (2016).