Shell Questacon Science Circus

A programme of activities (interactive public exhibitions, school workshops, workshops for the elderly, teacher professional development workshops, and programmes for remote indigenous communities) to promote education and scientific knowledge in communities remote from socio-economic centres. Students of the Master of Science Communication Outreach degree give animated presentations on aspects of science in villages and rural schools throughout the rural territories of Australia.

Impact indicators

In the programme’s 28 year history, studies have shown that it responds to a recognised need for high-quality science education in remote areas, supports science teachers in the classroom, increases the capacity for scientific communication at national level, and encourages greater student interest in and commitment to science.

  • 8,300 visits to schools and 310 professional development workshops for 4,700 teachers.
  • It has visited 90 indigenous communities and 490 villages in remote regions of Australia.
  • More than 2.2 million Australians have participated in their activities.


Shell Questacon Science Circus is a partnership between the Shell company, Australia National University (ANU) and Questacon (The National Science and Technology Centre).