A platform including schools, teachers and professionals that organises activities to support STEM education. In particular, it focuses on three programmes: STEM Ambassadors, the STEM Club Programme and the School STEM Advisory Network.

United Kingdom
Impact indicators
  • 9 out of 10 secondary schools in the UK receive, at least once a year, a visit from a STEM Ambassador, who are seen by teachers as models of inspiration, able to motivate and engage learners.
  • 87% of teachers report a greater awareness among students of STEM subjects and their applications in the real world.
  • The most relevant thing is the positive impact on young participants, whose greater enjoyment of activities is confirmed. Their participation in STEM clubs seem to be particularly effective, with 74% of students valuing their participation as "very good" or "good".
  • On average, 55% of the nation's students say they like science. This figure rises to 71% for students who have had contact with a STEM Ambassador and 80% for members of the STEM Club