United Kingdom
Ian Clifford.
Best Employability Project, Unite IT (2015). Digital Inclusion Awards (Youth Employability category), Telecentre-Europe (2015). Finalist of the prize of the European Commission of Social Innovation (2014).

A free, multi-language online youth employment portal that allows young people with no work experience to promote their personal skills and qualities to potential employers and likewise employers can capture young talent. It generates a profile based on 6 skill groups that is visualised in the shape of a diamond; highlighting the strengths of each individual.

Impact indicators


  • More than 11,000 users have identified their skills and enhanced their curriculum using YouRock.



  • Approximately 50% have an organisational skill type, followed by analytical (16%), communications (14%), technical (12%), leadership (4%) and creative profiles (4%).
Implementation progress

In 2017, the initiative was presented in Barcelona within the framework of the Accelerating Change for Social Inclusion (ACSI) project to study its local implementation.

Última actualización 2020