Youth for Technology Foundation

Youth for Technology Foundation (YTF) is a non-profit foundation that works in partnership with low-income and rural communities to create rich learning environments for children, youth and women in order to identify their key challenges, learn about the causes and apply appropriate technologies to solve critical problems in their communities.

United States
Impact indicators


  • By June 2016, YTF had impacted in total 1,695,634 youth and women, supported 4,268 communities and inspired 12,736 businesses. 
  • Over 315,000 YTF Academy participants had graduated at the end of 2015. 
  • Participants have a 99% average daily attendance in school. 



  • YTF Academy students register on average a 40% increase in school academic performance. 
  • 98% of boys and 90% of girls making the transition to secondary school, and 96% of the programme graduates go on to higher education within two years. 
  • Participation in STEM careers has increased by 75%, and 90% of YFT Academy graduates have been engaged in some form of entrepreneurship. 
  • YTF graduates have maintained a high job placement rate with employers paying on average three times more in salaries than non-YTF Academy graduates. 
  • Employers say YTF graduates perform better than non-YTF Academy employees with 40% promoted within three to six months of graduation.


Njideka Harry
Clinton Global Initiative (2016). Social Entrepreneur of the Year, the Schwab Foundation (2013). Ashoka Fellowship (2011).