Associació Grup IFAM

Educational tool that raises protective factors aimed at youth in vulnerable contexts. These young people are the main characters in their own life plans that are carried out through audiovisual projects. By using videos, an easy and effective methodology is brought into practice, which raises self-esteem, resilience and personal skills, impacting on social change in the area concerned.

Impact indicators
  • European project implemented in Italy, Spain, France, Greece and Romania. 
  • Personal competences and skills have emerged in the youth involved in the project, enabling self-perception as change agents in their regions.  
  • The participatory video project was the most effective in creating links between the participants and the community. 


Source: Cabedo, V. (coord.) (2015). Menores No acompañados: los otros inmigrantes. Valencia: Tirant Lo Blanch.

Última actualización 2020