Innovative Solutions

We facilitate the implementation of social innovations to solve critical problems in our communities. We believe in searching for proven innovations, because:

Innovations with proven social impact accelerate the process of change: adapting successful innovations to new contexts can be quicker and more efficient than experimenting through trial-error processes.

It optimizes existing resources: we search for innovations that have a consolidated income model to facilitate its sustainability, and that use solid impact indicators.

It increases the chances of success: proven innovations make good use of the knowledge and experience of innovators, reducing the research and development effort.



Model for the collection of textiles for recycling, based on an incentive for citizens who receive a discount voucher for future purchases in return for used clothing deposited at the participating shops. 

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Progetto Quid


Fashion label that promotes a return to work of people in vulnerable situations, through the creation of unique pieces of clothing made with remnant fabrics from Italian firms already established in the world market.

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Pure Leapfrog

United Kingdom

Main provider of social investment and professional support for community energy efficiency projects in the UK, for which it has woven an extensive network of collaborating organisations in the financial and professional sector.

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Second Chance

United States

Model for work integration in the building deconstruction sector that offers a comprehensive training programme, beyond the technical and professional aspects, aimed at people with special employability difficulties.

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Swan Equality and Diversity


A housing association that manages properties and, based on the needs of its residents, customers and workers, incorporates good practices in the provision of services and organises activities to promote community relations, health and respect. The objective is to eliminate existing barriers to improve equality, cohesion and inclusion in its different aspects.

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United States

Model for recycling difficult-to-manage waste through an innovative system that promotes a high involvement of citizens in the recycling process and involves waste-generating companies through specific programmes.

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