Som Energia

Cooperative formed by a group of people linked to the University of Girona.

It is a non-profit cooperative focused on the consumption and production of green energy. It looks for a change in the current energetic model to achieve a 100% renewable model mainly from demand, since users participate as partners in the cooperative.

Impact indicators
  • Partners: 10,924
  • Investment: 3,572,100 euros
  • Light contracts carried out: 9,320
  • 2013 total production: 881,273 kWh

* November 2013 numbers

Implementation progress

Som Energia project was first planned during the spring of 2010. The same year, in December, 150 partners were already part of it. The certified green energy commercialization started in September 2011.

Begun in Catalonia, it develops a model based on the direct expansion of the organisation carried out in other Spanish cities.