Who are we

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We contribute to solve social challenges through innovations oriented to scale their impact.

What change do we need?

Social challenges are increasingly complex and require the commitment and participation of multiple actors with capacities to generate lasting change.

To significantly improve people’s lives, we need more effective, efficient and sustainable answers that are able to secure significant reach in accordance with the problem’s dimension.

What is our proposal?

Our proposal consists in strengthening all agents of change. Against complex challenges and changing contexts, the capacities of each actor is key to drive innovative and scalable solutions.

From UpSocial, we contribute the following way to the development of  solutions that are systemic, sustainable and oriented to scale.

Our work is organized around five lines of action:


We articulate processes driven by the demand of solutions to concrete challenges, through our own methodology which accompanies agents of change in the adaptation and adoption of innovative solutions.

Capacity building

We accompany agents of change throughout their practice of addressing social demands with impact that is sustained over time, in a process that is oriented to build capacities and improve their skills to innovate.


We take the lead to scale solutions with differential value and transformative potential. We also accompany processes of adaptation and implementation of innovations with impact evidence.


We enhance and support initiatives to contribute to a legal and regulatory framework that enables social innovation.


We systematize and openly share knowledge generated through practice. We also promote cultural change that favors innovation in organizations and community.