How to normalise population diversity in the local community?


Diversity has become a social issue of the highest order linked to welfare and coexistence in increasingly complex, liquid and diverse societies. There is a new approach to diversity that takes into account its dynamic nature and the challenges related to identities and the permanent nature of cultural change.

The challenge aims to look for innovations with a different approach to the one of unifying integration. Innovations that maintain the diversity of people and are oriented towards facilitating the complete coexistence. Innovations that work in a cross-sectional diversity in the fields of leisure and sport, employment and entrepreneurship, education, the arts and the media.

10x10 Càpsules d'Innovació Social project, promoted by Sumar, focuses on presenting public, private and hybrid initiatives that can normalize the uniqueness of people so that they can have a plenitude life in community, and that society can enjoy the opportunities offered by diversity. A jury of experts will select the 10 that will be presented in March 16, 2018 at CosmoCaixa Barcelona.

Stakeholders panel

Anna Mata, Daniel Tarragó, Elisabet Ortega, Enric Canet, Lluís Bonet, Mariona Homs, Orland Cardona, Rai Barba and Rosa Guixé.

Challenge completed
March 2018

Sustainable Development Goals