Asociación Civil Andar

Asociación Civil Andar develops inclusive business in order to increase the employment ability of people with disabilities. It’s a multi-business and multi-activity job placement initiative placed in Buenos Aires, within a context of low public resources and huge cutbacks. They carry out productive activities such as baking bread and catering, combined with professional training (cooking school) and sport activities (football league).

Impact indicators
  • 150 employees, 50% of them being people with disabilities.
  • 25.000 children are fed with Andar products.
  • 85 schools receive services from this association.
  • 1.500 children per year receive a therapy to improve their disability.
  • 1.000 trees planted by their educative farm.
  • 5.000 young people and 50 organisations participate in their sport activities.


Raúl Lucero
Ashoka Fellow.

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