Breathe Easy Save Easy

United States
Initiative coordinated by NGO, with the support of sponsors.

It offers monthly prices with the aim of challenging participants to make daily decisions and carry out easy facts that reduce air pollution and save costs.

Enterprises and institutions give citizen for free the prizes encouraging them to changer their habits, such as: tickets for sporting events, membership to museums, organic or sustainable food baskets, etc.

Impact indicators
  • 130,000 participants (43,000 in the 12 months of the programme), it represents 4% of Chicago population.

  • Surveys conclude that, as a result of the campaign to raise public awareness, there has been an improvement in daily habits and environmentally responsible purchases.

  • Enterprises collaborating into 5 categories: Partner for Clean Air Patron, Environmental Leader, Green Benefactor, Clean Air Guardian o Friend of Breathe Easy.

Última actualización 2020