Coach Project

Fundación Exit works to integrate young people at risk of social exclusion through innovative training projects that provide added value to businesses and enhance networking. Proyecto Coach is a job skills training programme that gives young people their first contact with the world of work, connecting them with business volunteers who guide them in the skills applied to jobs.


Impact indicators
  • According to data from 2012, 146 young people, 146 corporate volunteers, 22 companies and 16 organisations and colleges have participated
  • 95% of young people complete the programme and 83% continue their studies.
  • In addition, 81% of them know and understand how a company works and is organised internally. 78% know and understand the requirements of at least 2 professional profiles.
  • 99% consider the experience as excellent or very good (59% excellent and 40% good). 100% would recommend the experience to other young people.
  • Meanwhile, 84% of business volunteers consider the experience very good or excellent (15% think it is good; nobody believes it to be mediocre or negative). 67% believe it has improved some of their skills, such as communication or teamwork, and 95% would repeat the experience.


Fundación Exit
Fundación Exit has been selected by the UN as one of the 85 most reliable NGOs and foundations in the "Business Guide" (2011). Winner of the 2010 Prince of Girona Foundation (FPdGi) Organisation Award.