My Life

It is a learning programme for adults who have any kind of intellectual disability or mental health problems. Its objective is to prepare them for an independent life and for their inclusion in the labour market. The programme offers a training based on 3 steps: ready, steady, go.

United Kingdom
Impact indicators
  • It enables people with intellectual disabilities or mental health problems to live in a much more autonomous and independent way in less than two years, also facilitating their labour insertion.
  • In four years it has served more than 50 users, of which 90% have improved their autonomy and 15% now live completely independently and fully integrated in the community.


Andrew Azzopardi

Fundació Sant Pere Claver – Fundació Serveis Socials is leading the implementation of the model. The project participated in the 2014 edition of Momentum Project of ESADE and BBVA, and a team of employees of the foundation conducted on-site training to adapt and adopt the model.

In 2014, the foundation received the recognition 'Impulsors de la innovació social' by Barcelona City Council.

In October 2015, the first Centro de Capacitación My Life (training centre) was opened in Catalonia.

The service is designed for people with mental disabilities and/or mental health problems, who are between 16 and 45 years of age, are living in the family home or in a residence, and who want to increase their level of independence.

It offers a maximum of 9 hours per week per user for two years, during which they work on subjects like time and stress management, communication, conflict management, money management, trust building, personal hygiene, and even finding work and housing.

This intervention helps prevent the long-term or lifetime institutionalisation of people, and can generate up to 80% savings for families or the public administration in the medium and long term.