Pure Leapfrog

Main provider of social investment and professional support for community energy efficiency projects in the UK, for which it has woven an extensive network of collaborating organisations in the financial and professional sector.

United Kingdom
Impact indicators

It has provided low-interest loans and professional support to more than 100 energy efficiency projects in the UK and has helped to offset more than 150,000 tonnes of emissions through projects in Africa, India and other developing countries.

Its social impact in the UK is focused on:

  • Reducing energy poverty by providing poor families with free electricity from solar energy.
  • Reducing school resources devoted to the payment of electricity bills so they can be allocated to education.
  • Creating jobs from new social enterprises.


Pure Leapfrog
Initiative shortlisted in July 2014 for the "Ethical Corporation's Responsible Business Awards" in the UK in the category "Most Effective Domestic Community Investment".