Te Wānanga o Aotearoa

Indigenous-led institution nurturing an inclusive learning environment, through a diversity of courses in over 40 campuses, guided by Māori principles and values.


New Zealand
Impact indicators
  • Second largest tertiary education provider in New Zealand, with more than 300,000 graduates.
  • Research showed New Zealand experienced the most significant growth in Indigenous higher education enrolment overall in contrast to Australia and the United States as a result of the establishment this institution.
  • Increase of students understanding Mātauranga Māori and speaking Te Reo Māori.


Ronge Wetere and Iwi Kohuru.
Its user engagement programme awarded by Digital Workplace Group for implementing high-performing digital workplace environments (2018). A Te Wananga's rangahau adviser won one of New Zealand's most prestigious doctoral scholarships (2018).