The Transition Factory

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El Catllar city council in support of a private initiative.

A group of people with a socially transforming project implicate themselves in exploiting an abandoned and unsuccessful local patrimony is in order to offer housing, generate an environment and revitalise the local economy.

Impact indicators

The project is at an early stage, but foresees some very clear outcomes:

  • 20 new houses under land use transfer for 20 families.
  • An assisted housing for the elderly with 15 houses.
  • New spaces for economic activity: 1 coworking for 15 people and a FabLab among others.
  • New activities which are open to the municipality, such as an operating FabLab.
  • The cession to the municipality of a medieval mill and an aqueduct, which is currently private. It will be open to the public with a regular programme of visits.
  • The cession to the municipality of a passing way beside the Gaià river. It implies the promotion of an afforestation with a rainforest.
Última actualización 13 August 2020