Five years promoting social innovation


We celebrate five years of activity and the first thing that comes to mind is to say thank you.  

And we think the best way to thank those of you who have helped us, tolerating our mistakes, believing in us, and often being the protagonists of the successes that we report, is to share what have we learnt.

This is why you will find not just what have we achieved in this report. We also want to share the learnings from our results and our failures. 

Mistakes are the best teachers for those of us who experiment in our work and the knowledge accumulated during these years is very valuable. We hope this document as useful to readers as it has been to us in writing it.

The good thing about these five years is also discovering that we have a long way to go, the need for innovation is ever-increasing and we therefore have to keep experimenting with more efficient, more sustainable, more scalable and more just answers to the main social challenges.


The UpSocial Team