La Garrotxa launches a Social Lab to boost social innovation

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One of DinàmiG’s, Agency of Innovation and Development of La Garrotxa, strategic lines aims to showcase the innovative experiences of the region that fall into the social sphere and then strengthen them in order to provide better solutions to the main challenges facing the region and its citizens. The effort towards meeting this goal, with the cooperation of UpSocial, has set underway the Garrotxa Social Lab.

It involves a platform where all sectors are invited to participate, with the aim of developing innovative solutions to social challenges, promoting the region as a green territory in which there are opportunities for its inhabitants.

The Garrotxa Social Lab began by inviting representatives of the public, private and social sector, to jointly define the main social challenges within the region. This work has been very enriching, allowing to define the priorities of these three vast areas: the economic domain and employment across the region, the inhabitants’ social sphere and territorial sustainability.

This platform is a practical, experimental environment geared towards testing the most adequate social innovations in order to provide solutions for these challenges. Meanwhile it is a learning environment that allows for local expertise to be systemised and cast across other regions.

As a primary challenge, Social Lab’s work focuses on exploring innovative initiatives within the green, inclusive economy, with proven results that can be adapted and adopted across La Garrotxa.