How to reduce the impact of mass tourism on the environment and liveability of Barcelona, while creating opportunities for entrepreneurs and tour operators?


In contrast to other European cities, the number of visitors increases every year in Barcelona. Over the last 5 years, tourism in the city has increased by 44%. Despite the very positive assessment that tourists make of the city (8.28 out of 10), the Strategic Plan of Tourism of Catalonia warns that conflicts related to overcrowding and standardization of supply could generate some attrition and deteriorate the city, affecting the quality of life of citizens and destroying the visitors’ experience.

The Plan highlights the need to anticipate a response and points at the tensions between citizens and visitors explained to some extent by a lack of understanding of the positive effects of tourism.

Barcelona and Catalunya look  for innovations and new economic initiatives that incorporate in their business models the generation of environmental, social and cultural value. We seek to find innovations that bring added value to all actors engaged: visitors, service providers and citizens.

Stakeholders panel

Xavi Carbonell, Nacho Casanova Hausmann, Helena Espinòs, Dídac Ferrer, Francesc Giró, Bruno Halle, Joana Homs, Iñaki López de Vinaspre, Joana Luna de Toledo, Paz Molinas, Josep Ramon Morell, Leonardo Novelo, Felisa Palacio and Josep Planas Cisternas.

Challenge completed
May 2013